The Best Fall Apple Recipes You’ll Love After Apple Picking

find an apple recipe you'll love!

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One of my favorite Fall bucket list items is apple picking because all the yummy apple recipes I get to make afterwards! The best part is that my little one gets to enjoy most of these recipes with me since she is eating solid foods! If your baby isn’t eating solids just yet, that’s ok, I’m here to help moms in general with all things motherhood!

So, here I have collected a few of my favorite apple recipes that you can guarantee I’ll be making this Fall! If you see a recipe you like, click the link and it will take you directly to the source who created it! Let me know in the comments if you make any of the recipes – I’d love to hear what you think! Here they are:


Belle of the Kitchen has an AMAZING cinnamon applesauce recipe (just don’t add cinnamon if you aren’t into it)! It is a crockpot recipe and I’m pretty sure your crock-pot becomes your best friend once you see two little blue lines! (For a killer Crock Pot Chili recipe, head HERE).

If your little one has started solid foods already, then this recipe is so much fun to let them try! It’s similar to the texture of their baby food, but it is so much yummier! (If that’s not a word, correct me below!) Letting your baby try new foods around the holidays makes it that much more special and memorable – which is why it is part of my Fall Bucket List!

Apple Butter

There is a different between apple butter and apple sauce – I don’t entirely know what that difference is but there is one! Mary at Barefeet in the Kitchen has a great Apple Butter recipe that I’m sure you and the whole family will love the same way I do!

I like to use this kind of like a butter – to say the least – haha! I have used it on pancakes, waffles, cornbread, and muffins (all things that my little one loves to eat, too)!

Apple Crisp

I love a good crisp recipe and this apple crisp recipe from The Chunky Chef gets me every time!

Another great thing about this recipe is that it involves one of the key lactation boosting ingredients! So, if you’re a mama that is planning on or currently breastfeeding, this recipe is good for you ;).

Apple Filling

This is the most multi-purpose recipe I have ever seen! I have this one written in my recipe book as “apple filling” because I have used it as a base for applesauce, for oatmeal toppings, and for pie! So, as I am writing this I went to look up where I got it from and it is LEGIT called Apple Filling by Liz from the Sugar Geek Show! Like she says,

“You can use it as a topping for cheesecakes, for apple danish, for filling a cake and yes, for apple pie.”

Apple Fritters

I’ve gotta be honest here, I was never really a huge fan of apple fritters. They were super dry and there were so many dry carbs that didn’t even taste good that I wouldn’t waste my time on them. BUT then I found these Apple Fritters from Small Town Woman and oh my goodness has my world changed!

Carbs are the easiest thing to feed a little one with hardly any teeth, so some of her first foods once she got a little tooth was all types of bread – including donuts! Now, I don’t have to head to a donut shop because, honestly, all I want are these and my little one agrees!

Apple Pie Cheesecake Bars

Christi from Love from the Oven has a super delicious recipe for Apple Pie Cheesecake Bars! I love all things cream cheese and shhh… so does my baby! Once she started on solids it has just been a whirlwind of sharing mommy’s food and lovin’ it!

Apple Pie Egg Rolls

This recipe is a little less baby friendly since the eggroll can be pretty crispy, but it is still one of my favorites so I am sharing it! Over at there is a great apple pie egg roll recipe that would go great with a cream cheese frosting dip!

I have to admit that this recipe took a bit of getting used to but it tastes great so I am too scared to try another one!

Caramel Apples

Alright, I have a thing for caramel and apples together – but what’s not to love? has a wonderful caramel apple recipe that can be semi-tricky but I know you’ve got this!

This one is fun for when your little one has a few teeth and can gnaw on some plain apple slices while you and your hubby enjoy the rest!

Caramel Apple Scones

This recipe from Taste of Home for Caramel Apple Scones is probably one of my all-time favorites. It is a recipe from scratch but it is SO easy! Scones are a breakfast food, right? I love these for a crisp morning on the porch with my coffee, my baby, and my scones!

*Pro-tip: this recipe tells you to cut the dough into 4 pieces, I cut one of those slices into 3 so there are 3 large and 3 super small ones for baby. She LOVES these (I can’t wait until she’s only and I actually put the caramel on hers!)

Classic Apple Pie

You can’t go apple picking without the intentions of a classic apple pie – it’s a must! I absolutely love this recipe from

My little one loves to eat the crust and it doesn’t have too many crazy ingredients that I let her have a few bits of the pie filling!

What do you think?

Do you have ample amounts of apples and need to find a recipe? Do you have a favorite apple recipe that I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to try it and maybe it’ll make the list!

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  1. Oh these sound so yummy! I so wish I had an apple tree! For a while now, my husband thought he was allergic to apples, until he tried one from a friend’s apple tree. Turns out, he’s allergic to the pesticides! Lol

    1. Oh my goodness – I thought my baby was allergic to apples too! She has had a few rashes from eating ACTUAL apples, but not baby food or juices with apple in it or even apples off our friend’s tree (her aunt is THAT allergic to apples). So, I hadn’t thought of the pesticides! Thank you so much for stopping by and potentially helping me figure this out!

    1. Oh my goodness I love caramel apples! Fun fact: I grew up on a carnival, so basically all of my favorite foods are deep fried or some kind of terribly unhealthy – but they trigger some great memories too!

  2. I love Apple pies. My daughter and I have them with Cream and sometimes ice-cream. I never knew there were so many others you can do with Apples. Although I have heard off Apple jam but never tried it.

    1. I agree! I never liked applesauce until I was older and tried it fresh and it was a life changer! The ultimate question is cinnamon or no cinnamon?!

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