The Best Diaper Bag and How to Pack it!

The Best Diaper Bag and how to pack it

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The best diaper bag is the JUJU BEE B.F.F DIAPER BAG!

Choosing a diaper bag can be so overwhelming. There is backpacks or satchels, gender neutral or gender specific colors, man packs or super chic, heavy duty or light weight – the list goes on. Everyone is different, so it’s hard to pinpoint the PERFECT diaper bag the first time around. I went through three different diaper bags, all of which left me pulling everything out on the doctor’s office floor or simply leaving it in the car because I wasn’t actually going to use it. Then, I found the JuJu Bee B.F.F.

Why is the JuJu Bee B.F.F the best diaper bag?

The JuJu Bee B.F.F Diaper bag is the best diaper bag for me because it has so many pockets! If you know me, then you know how much I love organization and everything having its own place that is easily accessible. This diaper bag does exactly that. It can be a backpack or a satchel with the removeable straps, it’s cute but “not too girly” (as my husband likes to say), it has the double insulators for bottles, and a convenient changing pad located on the outside.

Diaper Bag Checklist:

What is the best way to pack your diaper bag?

When you pack your diaper bag, you want to put things in the order you plan to use them or the state of emergency you’re going to be in when you need things (i.e. I wouldn’t put my band-aids at the very bottom).

Rarely going to use:

The inside back pockets should have all of the spare clothes. I like to separate them as “spares” and “warmth.” If there’s a diaper blow out then I grab the spare clothes and redress her. If we stay out later than expected or get somewhere that is a little colder than I prepared for, then I pull out the warm clothes. The spare clothes are: onesie, pants, light pair of socks. The warmth clothes are: jacket, gloves, fuzzy socks, beanie.

Behind these pockets is a full-length zipper. This is where I like to keep the bib and spoon. If we’re at a restaurant, I can just slip my hand in the top and head for the back zipper without looking.

            Then, there is a sneaky little zipper on the front, underneath the large open flap. This is where I keep the emergency formula packets, the spare binky, nipple butter, diaper cream, and emergency baby snack (check out: 6 Best “on-the-go” Snacks for Babies 5-10 Months).

The heart of your bag:

The inside side pockets are super convenient for storing diapers! I can fit about 5-6 in each side which means more diapers and less times of having to refill after going out. I face them upside down for easy removal.

           Next, the large inner portion of your bag is where the larger things go that you use pretty-often. First, I start with a spare shirt for me; I try to salvage whatever I am wearing before resorting to my spare shirt. Then, the wrap because most of the time I will be holding the baby or passing her around for others to hold- the last resort is to strap her to me. Next, a spare blanket – I like to pick a thin, heavy duty blanket because it could be a spare for a diaper blow out, it could be a sun blocker, or super warm in cold weather (I got this one for free for signing up for a registry with amazon).

Then, the wrap/car seat cover; I use this fairly often, but its less important than wipes so it goes here. Then, my calendar and throw the wipes on top and you still have room for anything else! I call this the situational space. If I know we are in for a cold adventure I throw in a huge blanket, or I throw in a big container of snacks, or for the beach I put a towel, hat, and sunscreen; the options are endless!

You can fit so many things in your diaper bag!

            We still aren’t done with the heart of the diaper bag. I know – you are thinking, “how much more can we fit?!?!?!” So much…. Grab the book or books you picked out and line the bottom of the back of the bag (check out: 101 Books for Baby’s First Library). Then, grab the few toys you chose and shove them into the front bottom on the right and the band-aids on the front left bottom. Ok, now we’re done (WITH THIS PART!)

            Let’s move to the front pocket, I call this the mom pocket. I keep Chap-stick, money for pressed pennies, a pen, hair ties, gum, nursing pads, and a snack for me in this area. Check out my Best Tasting Supply Boosting Recipes for some more mom snacks that will also help with energy and milk supply!

Almost done packing…

            We are almost done filling your bag, I promise. Next, I like to throw my water bottle in the “back” cooler pocket, and her cup in the front one so I can easily reach hers without having to put the bag down or maneuver much. Then, attach your hand sanitizer to this little ring and you will probably stop here. I like to keep a pocketknife in my diaper bag, it has come in handy when trying to open something after leaving a store or just as a safety precaution; and I keep it in the top mini zipper. I also like to keep the that zipper available for my keys, sunglasses, phone, money, or anything else of that importance.

Here’s what your packed diaper bag looks like fully stocked!

How often should you go through your diaper bag and refill it?

It all depends on how much you go out or for how long you go out for. Whenever I leave the house, it is not very often and not for longer than 4 hours at the most. So, that is about 3-4 diapers and maybe one feeding if I don’t time it right; I don’t refill or go through my diaper bag very often. I try to stick to at the end of the month I actively think about if she has grown, and if she has THEN I will actually go through it – maybe I’m lazy, maybe I’m a genius. If I know I need to buy diapers soon, I consider how many are left in the diaper bag and possibly order a size up and then continue to use the diaper bag diapers until they’re out. Similarly, with her clothes, if I think she has grown I just change out the clothes for something that I know fits.

In Short

To summarize, the JuJu Bee B.F.F diaper bag is considered the best diaper bag for its ample storage, easy to use features, and all the different compartments!

Did you see anything that you want in your diaper bag? Do you have something that I don’t? Share below!

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  1. I’ve always heard great things about the JuJuBe diaper bag! I’ve wanted one, but just never got one. I may have to try it. I lvoe this checklist too. Things I wouldn’t even think of having, but it makes SO much sense!

    1. I had heard great things before buying it, I just didn’t think it was necessary. Then, I couldn’t take it anymore – not having the stuff I needed – so I splurged and it has been the best baby purchase by FAR!

    1. Absolutely! My biggest pet peeve is seeing an expensive item advertised without real proof that it’s worth it – that’s why it took me so long to buy it in the first place! I love love love this diaper bag and I genuinely think it will last for all future babies, too!

  2. Wow! Your ability to squeeze every inch of space out of that cute diaper bag is definitely impressive!! Having an awesome and functional diaper bag is a must have for any mama with littles!

    1. I know right!?!?! When I made the jump from a backpack diaper bag to this one, I was scared I wasn’t going to have as much stuff, but at least I would be able to get to everything. It turns out I had more room in this one than any other diaper bag! Insane!

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