How to Make the Most Out of Baby’s First Halloween

baby's first halloween

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Whether your little one is a few days old or almost one, you want to make the most out of their first Halloween!

This isn’t your typical Fall Bucket List; this is specifically for new mamas who are looking to celebrate their baby’s first Halloween. If you’re looking for a Fall Bucket List of things you can do with your little one then use this link to head over to that post!

Here’s a few ways to make the most out of your baby’s first Halloween:

Go Trick or Treating

baby's first halloween - should I go trick or treating

A common question around this time of year is, “What is an appropriate age to go trick-or-treating?”

The sad reality of this question is that it is usually asked by naysayers or parents who are looking to be socially accepted. Another harsh reality is that it is typically directed at babies being too young and teenagers being too old – WHO CARES! It’s a holiday, why do people have to be so negative? That brings me to the question – do you, as adults, get presents for Christmas (even if you buy them yourself)? Do holidays have to have age limits? OKAY – I am stepping off my soapbox – I am passionate about human kindness and this topic irks me.

A quick solution if your baby is too young for trick-or-treating – some great guidelines are laid out on Parent Education – then you can turn it into a friends and family reversed parade. Take your little one to your friends and families’ houses and get the sweet trick-or-treating pictures within your comfort zone.

Take Family Pictures

Get all dressed up, even if you aren’t going trick-or-treating and take some sweet family photos that you’ll cherish forever! Check out Cenzerely Yours for some cute Halloween costumes for Baby’s first Halloween!

Make Your Own Hay Maze, Fort, or “Haunted” House

first halloween - hay maze

My little one has loved forts since she was 4 months and has grown more interested in forts and tunnels! Now that she can crawl (at high speeds) we use the UTEX 8-in-1 Pop Up Tent like a maze.

Pass out Candy on the Front Porch

baby's first halloween - front porch

If you don’t plan on trick-or-treating, another way to show off is to pass out candy from the porch! Of course, you’ll want to make sure your bundle of joy is bundled in warmth – but this is a fun way to celebrate without leaving the house!

Watch Movies

halloween movies for kids

Maybe you are more of a homebody who just wants to cuddle. No matter the age of your baby, cuddling is perfect! Grab your favorite Halloween movie and get comfy! Your little one might not last the whole movie, but it’s still a memory that will last! For some great Halloween movies, head over to my post on 31 Halloween Movies for Kids that the Family Will Love.

Our favorite way to watch family movies is to set up our projector outside, start some popcorn, and cuddle under the stars!

How will you be celebrating your baby’s first Halloween?

Did this give you some great family ideas for your little one’s first Halloween? Let me know in the comments!

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