Fall Bucket List (Things you can do with your baby!)

Fall Bucket List (Things you can do with your baby)

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Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year and having a baby this year makes it all the more special! We have changed the game this year by adding a baby to our mix and created a Fall bucket list full of things you can do with your baby! If you are looking to make the most out of your baby’s first Halloween head over to THIS post!

In all that you choose to do as a mama, even during the holidays, remember that it is okay to stay in your comfort zone if it means things will be less stressful. Hopefully, everyone can find a fun way to enjoy Fall with your little ones this year!

Go Apple Picking

You might be thinking this can’t be much fun if your baby is a newborn but let me stop you! The one thing you will wish you would have done from the beginning is start traditions! Who care if your little one is only a few weeks old! Take them apple picking and talk about all of the different colors and textures. If your little one is old enough to enjoy textures then let them feel the apples and the leaves and the sticks.

Something I have always told myself is that motherhood is more than a job title – it’s a feeling that you create! I love to start by creating holiday memories that I will cherish forever.

Make Applesauce

Fall bucket list - make applesauce for baby

After apple picking come home and make applesauce or homemade apple puree for baby to try! My babies first experience with solid foods was on Easter and that is so special to have that memory associated with a holiday!

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Again, the pumpkin patch is a great place to start traditions! Take your little one and let them be overwhelmed by the different shades of orange and brown. Whether you are carrying them, pulling them in a wagon (this one is my favorite!), or helping them walk, this will surely be another great way to make your motherhood memorable.

If you are in or visiting the Central Coast then head over to Avila Valley Barn for a great experience year round! They have fresh crops, U-pick services, live animals you can feed, and a sweets shop with tons of goodies!

Decorate a Pumpkin

Fall bucket list with a baby - decorate a pumpkin
My, my husband’s, and my niece’s pumpkins last year! Guess which one is mine?!

This one might be for babies 4 months or older, but after the pumpkin patch – decorate your pumpkin! You can carve it, or if you want baby to do it themselves, grab some non-toxic washable baby paint (these work wonders!) and let them go wild!

Try a Pumpkin Recipe

Fall bucket list - make baby pumpkin pancakes

Depending on how old your little one is, this could be a great opportunity to introduce a pumpkin recipe! Like I said about making applesauce, introducing milestones around the holidays makes it all the more special and memorable for everyone!

A simple pumpkin introduction could be Gerber’s Just Pumpkin baby food. Another idea if your baby is older is to make pumpkin pancakes! Whether you choose real pumpkin puree or even use the baby food – add some water and baby oatmeal, mix, and cook like normal pancakes!

Make a Hand Turkey

Fall bucket list - make a hand turkey

I love this tradition because you’ll be able to see how much they have grown. Whether you trace it on paper and cut it out or use non-toxic washable baby paint, these will be keepsakes you will cherish forever.

Watch a Halloween Movie

Some parents might not be on-board with allowing their little one to watch tv and use devices – which is absolutely fine! For the most part, I try to avoid technology for my 9-month-old but holidays are the exception. I love the feeling of cuddling up and watching a movie with my sweet husband, and how much more special that we get to bring our baby into it and watch a family Halloween movie! For some fun Halloween Movies for Kids head to my post on 31 Days of Halloween Movies for Kids that the Family Will Love.

Play with Leaves

Fall bucket list - play with leaves

Everyone else’s “Fall Bucket List” including playing IN leaves – this isn’t available for everyone. My favorite way to involve leaves is to play with them; sometimes this means going to the Dollar Tree to get some fake Fall leaves and let baby feel them and look at the bright colors. Another alternative is to go a local park or even your backyard and play with whatever real leaves are available to you! Baby can feel how crunchy they are and enjoy nature!

Play in the Rain

Fall bucket list - play in the rain

Rain is just another fun texture to Fall! If you are lucky enough to experience rain, take your little one to a covered area, bring an umbrella, or simply stand in the rain and let them hear, see, feel, and smell the beautiful weather!

Have a Bonfire

Fall bucket list - have a backyard bonfire

This is my favorite Fall and Summer activity because we can do it right in our backyard! Ever since my baby was a 2 months-old, we have done backyard bonfires and roasted s’mores! While she can’t do much, we avoid the smoke and stand back ten feet or so but it’s just another way to get all the Fall feelings!

Get Matching Fall Outfits

Fall bucket list - matching outfits

Fall is my favorite time of the year for very few reasons – one of which is the clothes! I love warm (but not too warm) clothes in oranges, browns, and greens – don’t forget the socially acceptable abundance plaid flannels! This year I get to dress my mini up in matching outfits, so of course there is going to be pictures taken as well!

Read Some Fall Books

Fall Bucket List - read some festive books for baby

If you have been reading my stuff for a while now, then you know how much I support and love books for babies! Some great Fall books for baby include:

For more Fall book ideas, check out my post on Fall Baby Books You’ll FALL in Love With!

Go on a Hayride

Hayrides are fairly easy to come by once Fall hits! Visit your local farmer’s market, growers’ patch, or fair to find one! If you are from Central California or visiting, I highly recommend Avila Valley Barn for their apple orchards, pumpkin patch, hay maze, hayrides, petting zoo, and more!

Go for a Walk

Fall bucket list - go on an autumn walk!

I like to pick the most crisp afternoons and go for a walk with my little one. Even if she is still in the carrier or asleep half of the time, the fresh air is good for everyone. A walk can change up the usual routine and give everyone a break from typical playtime. This is also a great time to go explore the different textures and sights of Fall!

*Side note: If you want to get paid for walking, I love the app Cashstep you can download it using this link: Cashstep and use the code P8BNJ to get 500 coins just for joining! You can win things like Amazon, Starbucks, Target, Best Buy, and Sephora gift cards and MORE!*

Make Your House Smell Like Fall

Fall bucket list - simmer pot recipes

I know what you’re thinking – you shouldn’t have babies in a room with lit candles! I wasn’t going to say that; although, you could get very strong-smelling candles and simply NOT light them.

The best way to make your house smell like Fall around Baby is to cook spices on the stove! Cambria Bold at Apartment Therapy compiled a great list of 7 Simmer Pot Recipes!

What’s on YOUR Fall bucket list?

Did this inspire you create those favorite Fall feelings while including your newest little one? How will you be celebrating Fall this year? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Aww I love these ideas and intend to try them all out! Any kind of fruit picking and then eventually jam-making with the fruit is my thing!

  2. This was a good list of activities. I like the way many of activities fed into one like apple picking and making applesauce.

  3. I love to do each and every one of these things during fall. Picking pumpkins and going on hayrides are my favorite! I also love watching the Peanuts gang celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving (and then of course Christmas) year after year!

  4. I love this! My 2 1/2 year old daughter loves going to the pumpkin patch. My son (2 months) won’t be as active, but still included in the memories this year none the less!

    1. Only barely, girl! Jam it all in during his first week of life before Winter hits!!!! XD Do it all while SUPER pregnant – it’ll still be fun!!! 🙂

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