Crying During Pregnancy is Normal – Read These Moms’ Stories Now!

Real Moms Share the Craziest Reason they Cried during pregnancy

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Have you found yourself crying during pregnancy over something silly, sweet, sad, or for no apparent reason at all? Ya, that happens – the hormone shift during pregnancy is REAL and it is INTENSE! (Which is why you should also remember to take your prenatals!)

With all the hecticity going on around us, I wanted to take today to share a few stories about mom’s crying during pregnancy. Some with will make you laugh; some will make you cry – but that doesn’t take much does it? Enjoy!

26 Real Moms Share Why They Were Crying During Pregnancy

The Grocery System FAIL

My husband and I lived on the second story of our apartment complex. After we went grocery shopping, we would both carry as much up as possible and then one of us would go down and throw the rest of the groceries up to the other person. (Best system ever- one time we got the keys stuck on the roof).

Well, this particular time, I was too pregnant to throw (34 weeks), so I caught the groceries. We were almost done but we had a lot of large liquid containers (juice, milk, etc). He fills his last bag of stuff he can carry up, closes the trunk, and decides to chuck the liquids up.

It starts out great! All the room temperature juices were caught with ease – then the orange juice comes. Orange juice is refrigerated so the condensation has gotten to it!

I grabbed it and – in slow motion – I watch as my fingers slip from the handle and the bottle of the jug and I dropped it. It splattered everywhere.

I ran in the house and cried because I really wanted orange juice and so did he. He came upstairs laughing and was so confused to find me hiding tears as I put the rest of the groceries away.

In hindsight it was absolutely hilarious but my hormones couldn’t see that. He did so good comforting me and even offered to drive back into town to get me orange juice!

Twice the laundry and not enough cuddles!

I cried because I kept forgetting laundry detergent every time I did the laundry and would have to re-wash it. I also cried when my husband wasn’t sitting close enough to me – Jenna B.

Divide and Conquer – or don’t….

Normally my husband likes to divide the grocery list so we get it done quickly when we go into the grocery store. He looks for certain items and I look for other items and then we meet at the register. However, I always wish we can just walk together and do it together. This weekend we were headed to the grocery store and he just brought up on his own that he would walk slowly with me and we can get everything together at the store and I just ended up crying because it meant so much to me  – Lisa K.

Water, stat!

With my first pregnancy my husband and I were just having a normal conversation and suddenly I broke into tears and had a complete meltdown because I needed a drink of water. He was so confused and just quickly filled up a cup and handed it to me. I was crying so hard and laughing at myself because I was so ridiculous. That is my favorite memory! – Savannah I.

The cravings are REAL, too!

I think the craziest thing I cried over was probably Carl’s Jr. I remember craving it so badly that I started crying – Faith D

Don’t cry over spilled milk – or do?

I once cried over spilt milk from my toddler…literally spilt milk. Crazy hormones! – Deanna R.

Don’t forget the sauce!

I cried because Chick-Fil-A forgot to give me mayo and it was awful. The hormones are so intense. – Wendy B.

It wasn’t me – it was the baby!

I cried because I farted in front of my husband… and HE TOLD ME IT WAS THE WORST FART HE’D EVER SMELT! – Lilly R.

Sometimes you just have to ugly girl cry

I had been looking forward to an onion bagel with a mountain of cream cheese all day. Got all the cream cheese on it and DROPPED IT cream cheese side down. I ugly cried girl. – Lizzie O.

Visitors be warned!

My brother was visiting and ate the whole box of pizza rolls – it was my midnight craving throughout my twin pregnancy. It was very traumatic. – Ashley L.

Clearly he tried to poison her!

My hubby didn’t wash the strawberries and I was hysterical telling him he clearly wanted me to get some sort of non-washed fruit illness and he obviously hated me because he didn’t wash the strawberries. – Jamie H.

Who’s your friend who likes to play?

Towards the end, about 34 weeks my 4 year old kissed my belly and then told me it was so big I looked like a Bingbong from Inside Out. – Brianna M.

To be fair – it was the last one

I was about 20 weeks with my twins. I dropped a string cheese on the floor and it was the last one. Cried in the kitchen for 20 minutes before my husband came in to see why I was crying – Tia B.


I cried at the sight of my first stretch mark like legit bawled my eyes out. I know it was bound to happen due to genetics but man I was a mess – Michelle R.

Valid reason to be crying during pregnancy

I cried because I couldn’t paint my toes lol – Adriana T.

The mouthwatering and eye watering deli sandwich!

I straight bawled for an hour when I was pregnant because my husband told me about a new sandwich place he had tried and he explained his sandwich to me. It sounded so beautiful and delicious and I couldn’t have it because it was deli meat. He felt like a monster because he had no idea I would react like that. I didn’t either lol. – Carly J.

What a nice man!

When I was pregnant with my first, I was driving and was stuck at a busy intersection. Finally, someone let me through and I broke down because of “what a nice man he must be.” Haha – Sarah F.

The hot dog fiasco!

My brother said there were no hotdog buns after I finally figured out what I wanted to eat. – Brittany V.

Good or bad – EVERYTHING smells when you’re pregnant!

I freaked out because there was a pickle on my plate, and the smell was horrendous. Husband had to eat it to get rid of the smell. – Jennifer D.

Again, with the craving let downs!

I wanted watermelon sour patch kids but I couldn’t find them anywhere so I thought the tropical ones would work. I sat in my car and cried because they weren’t what I wanted. – Bethany C.

Butterflies have families, too!

I hit a butterfly while driving. Total meltdown for like 30 minutes lol I kept thinking about its family – Elise C.

The smells!

When I was pregnant with my son, I was working at an auto parts store. I was stocking the floor shelves and burst into tears because I smelled pizza but didn’t have any pizza to eat. – Nikki W.

Funerals are sad… for EVERYONE

I cried driving past a funeral for someone I didn’t even know but was so saddened for their family. – Kylie T.

Good intentions gone wrong

I made BLTs for my family and my fiance didn’t like the bacon, he likes it a little more undercooked and soft and it was too undercooked and he took it off his sandwich and I cried because I intentionally made his less done cause that’s how he likes it – Savannah E.

To each their own on the cravings!

I cried because I didn’t have any tuna fish at like 1am. I meaning I was bawling. – Lynn S.

What do you mean “which white”?

I was remodeling my house and couldn’t pick a paint color. FYI there are at least 1000 different whites. – Brigette H.

What about you?

I hope this made you laugh for at least a few of these! Pregnancy is a beautiful time full of laughter, special moments, and the occasional (or often!) tears. Crying during pregnancy is normal and sometimes it is pretty funny!

Have you found yourself crying during pregnancy? Let me know your story in the comments!

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  1. I love all these stories!!! I didn’t cry much while pregnant and I actually didn’t get too emotional but I did cry a lot after my second was born (I think due to hormones). I think everyone is different but these stories were great. It is very normal to cry during pregnancy.

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