6 Best “on-the-go” Snacks for Babies 5 to 10 Months

best snacks for babies 5 to 10 months

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“I’m hungry”- I’m pretty sure this is the anthem for motherhood?

No matter the age of your baby, they have a hungry whine and – whether it be for breastmilk, baby food, or just a snack – you know it. When my little one and I are out and about and she starts with the hungry whine, I can easily pull a snack from my diaper bag without having to worry about heating it or wondering if it’s spoiled. The best snacks to have on hand are the ones you don’t have to think twice about! I have found the 6 best “on-the-go” snacks for babies 5 to 10 months that are easy to keep in your diaper bag (check out: The Best Diaper Bag and How to Pack it!).

1. Gerber Puffs

Gerber Puffs dissolve in your little one’s mouth, but always make sure to keep an eye on them so they don’t choke. These puffs have a variety of flavors so even when your kiddos are eating the same snack over and over again, they really aren’t! Puffs are great for kiddos that know how to use their pinchers or are learning (My baby would use her slobbery hand to get them to stick to her so she could bring it to her mouth that way). They store well in a Ziplock bag or any child’s snack container like this one. Puffs are fairly easy to clean up by hand or with a vacuum. If they were wet and then dried to a surface, they can be a little more difficult to remove, but not impossible.

2. Gerber Organic Teethers

Gerber Organic Teethers come in individual packages with two wafers in each package. They are great for kiddos that still use their whole hand for eating or their pinchers, and for storing long term in your diaper bag as an emergency snack. These are quite messy if your kiddo hasn’t mastered hand to mouth coordination. Gerber Organic Teethers dissolve super easily which can be a great feature but can also lead to a big mess. Once it has been partially dissolved, it is super difficult to remove, but again, not impossible. I love these snacks for when we are at the park and she is sitting next to me in the grass.

3. Beech Nut Yogurt Melties

Yogurt melties are a super great treat for children of all ages (and adults!). I love the Beech nut yogurt melties because they are a healthy treat that is more of a dessert. Once again, these snacks dissolve very quickly and don’t cause much of a mess (unless you have a drooler like I do!) Clean-up is a breeze, especially with all mom’s handy dandy helper: baby wipes (check out: Baby Wipes That ACTUALLY Smell Good!).

4. Gerber Lil’ Biscuits

Lil’ Biscuits are like a baby cookie that makes a decent mess but isn’t difficult to clean up. My kiddo loves Gerber Lil’ Biscuits for their yummy flavor and I love them because she isn’t exposed to any harsh additives! They are great for kiddos that still use their whole hand to grab foods, and can be given to children without teeth, but it is better if they have a few to help break them down.

5. Gerber Teether Wheels

Gerber Teether Wheels are the best of the best! They have an interesting texture that your child will love to hold and manipulate, a great flavor, and they dissolve fairly quickly, but not before your little one can experience the texture with their mouth! They are great for breaking up into smaller pieces or leaving them whole and clean-up is a breeze!

6. Gerber Lil’ Crunchies

Gerber Lil’ crunchies are like the child’s version of Cheeto puffs but with different flavors! My little one loves these because they feel great on her gums (and her ever so slowly growing teeth) and they break down easily as she chomps on them. If they get stepped on or crushed it is just a quick sweep or vacuum job to get it cleaned up. Your little one will love them and so will you!

What do you think?

I hope this helps you find the perfect snack for your little ones. Is there a snack that you like to keep on hand that I didn’t mention? Share with me, I love finding new goodies!

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