5 Baby Wipes That ACTUALLY Smell Good

5 baby wipes that actually smell good

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You want baby wipes that ACTUALLY smell good

If I want my baby to smell decent, then I need baby wipes that actually smell good! Am I the only one that’s self-conscious about the way my baby smells?

I’m not talking about the, “whoops, she pooped” smell – I am talking about the “rotten milk, sour, old food, mildew from wet clothes, something’s not right (including wipes!)” smell.

Don’t be a victim of “unscented” wipes

5 baby wipes that actually smell good

One of the worst feelings, for me, is when someone is holding my baby and says, “I think she pooped?” I will rush over to check her and there’s nothing; maybe one or two pees, but nothing too bad? (okay, I promise I’ll stop talking about poop now). At this point I know they think my baby smells bad so I go and change her and hope for the best. As I’m changing her, I am smelling everything trying to figure out what the heck is this smell that I don’t smell? Then it hits me – these “unscented” baby wipes smell kinda GROSS!

Don’t waste your money on “testing” wipes

Maybe you are like me and when you find something good you stick to it; but what about before you get to the good stuff? I don’t want you to waste your money on “testing” baby wipes to see if they smell good. You can’t just buy a big box of wipes and then throw them out when you realize they smell bad (Maybe YOU can – but I can’t). So, I did the research for you and here’s what I found!

5 Baby wipes that ACTUALLY smell good

This is not in any particular order; these are just my opinion of baby wipes that I think actually smell good.

1.Huggies Simply Clean – Fresh Scent

More Pros:

  • If you part-take in the Huggies rewards program then YAY!
  • They are thick, so they don’t tear easily on big jobs
  • It is a big package with 64 wipes in each container
  • Easy flip top lid to prolong moisture


2. Hushables Sesame Street – Soothing Shea Butter

More Pros:

  • It is a small bag so it can fit in any diaper bag
  • They aren’t too thin, but they aren’t as thick as the Huggies


  • There is a sticky seal – this is only really a con if you are like me and forget to close it correctly.
  • As far as I know, you can only buy them one package at a time
  • There is only 60 Wipes per bag

3. Pampers Expressions – Botanical Rain Scent

These are my all-time favorite wipes because of their scent. No matter the cons, these are the ones I purchase over and over.

More Pros:

  • If you part take in the Pampers rewards – THIS IS THE BEST REWARDS PROGRAM (in my opinion)
  • Easy flip top lid to prolong moisture
  • It has a special flip top lid that helps with pulling one wipe at a time
  • It is a small bag that can easily fit into any diaper bag


  • It is a smaller bag that only contains 56 wipes per bag
  • Sometimes the lid makes it hard to pull out any wipes with one hand
  • They are semi-thin, so for extra big jobs you might need a second one

4. Royal Family – Fresh Scent

5 baby wipes that actually smell good

More Pros:

  • There are 80 wipes
  • It is a small package so it can fit into any diaper bag


  • As far as I know – you can only buy one package at a time
  • Not available on amazon (which is my go-to for free 2-day shipping!)

5. Smart Care Fisher-Price – Cucumber Scent

5 baby wipes that actually smell good

More Pros:

  • It has 80 wipes per container
  • It is still a slim package so it will fit into any diaper bag!


  • They are fairly thin – you will need two wipes per job (not pee)
  • You can’t buy them online – I was lucky enough to find them in our Albertson’s
  • There is a sticky seal – this is only really a con if you are like me and forget to close it correctly.
  • As far as I know, you can only buy them one package at a time

My suggestion

Ultimately, the best wipes are the ones that do the job. While it isn’t a requirement that they smell good, I think it’s great when they do! My all-time favorites are the Pampers – botanical scent and the Huggies – fresh scent because of the scents and the rewards programs. My last suggestion is to join those rewards programs! I have gotten so many photo rewards and cheap or free diapers from using the Pampers rewards program. You get free stuff for buying diapers!

What do you think?

Hopefully this gives you a good starting point for finding baby wipes that ACTUALLY smell good!

Do you have a favorite smell for baby wipes? What has YOUR experience with “unscented” wipes been like? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. That is super interesting! What are some popular brands in the UK? For the US it is Pampers and Huggies and hundreds of other minor brands!

  1. Great blog post, thanks for sharing. Funny enough, even though my kids are grown up; I still buy baby wipes especially when we are out and about.

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